NAME: Peters
CLIMATE: Hot and humid most of the year, otherwise warm
COMMENTS: Currently within the town of Perrine. US1 south of Miami, former townsite is at the intersection of State Road 994 (186th Ave) Current houses and businesses are not connected with old town.
REMAINS: None from original town
In 1896 settler Tom Peters came to the area south of Miami hoping to capitalize on its rich soil and fertile land. By the following year he had started what would become a phenomenally successful tomato industry. He was very innovative in developing fertilizers for the soil and devising a packing and shipping method that would keep his product fresh during shipment. By 1902 he had built a wooden track railroad, which pre-dated Henry Flagler's future Florida East Coast Railway. Peters track spanned 4 miles, leading from the town of Peters to the town of Cutler. The rail cars were pulled by mule and could move two cars trips per day, with a combined load of approximately 1,000 crates of tomatoes. Tom Peters became known as "The Tomato King" and is crediting with starting south Dade County's first multi-million dollar business. The Flagler railroad was built running right thru Peters, which helped business immensely. However, the citrus canker epidemic of 1913 caused many nearby orange groves to be sprayed with pesticides, burned, and destroyed, all of which had a negative impact on the tomato fields and the south Florida agricultural industry itself. The Hurricane of 1926 destroyed much of the South Dade area, followed by the Great Depression. Tom Peters went on to own Miami's prestigious Halcyon Hotel, but the town of Peters did not recover. In 1948 it was annexed into neighboring Perrine and ceased to exist. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Peters original home (in town later named for him), late 1800's.  Courtesy of

Peters original wooden railway (pre-dating Flagler's FEC), to haul tomatos to Cutler for shipment north.  Courtesy of

Peters packing house 1902.  Courtesy of