NAME: Popash
COUNTY: Hardee
CLIMATE: warm most of the year, cold in winter
COMMENTS: Located along SR64 in Hardee County, between Griffins Corner and Zolfo Springs. Look for Popash Road. Few early residents still live in the area. UPDATE:  In January 2009 the Popash School was demolished.  Jim Pike
REMAINS: Popash school, general store, New Hope Baptist Church, cemetery, scattered old houses

Popash began in the 1850's and in 1879 a post office was established, with the New Hope Baptist Church being organized soon after. The town got its name from a large tree that locals couldn't seem to identify. Some thought it was a poplar, while others thought it was an ash, so the two were combined to form Popash. It was primarily a cattle and farming community, with the school session timed to let out with the strawberry season from December to mid March. The coming of the railroad in 1886 promised a big future for the town, however it bypassed Popash for the nearby town of Zolfo Springs. The following year the post office was relocated to Zolfo Springs as well, and Popash began to slowly disappear. The two story brick schoolhouse closed it's doors in 1948, becoming a silent reminder of the once proud community. Submitted by: Jim Pike


The school has been owned by the pace family which now has a business built on that land and they are in the process of tearing down the school. I know this because my friend and co-founder of our paranormal investigators (known as c&m paranormal investigators) where there in the month of june 2008.   The old barn has fallen and is almost gone.
The sad thing is that we have talked to a few people that went to that school ( not many left. Others are dead or close to it) and are very upset that the county nor the state has preserved any of the buildings as a historic area.
I dont know if you paid much attention to the grave yard or not but it was quite shocking to see sooooooo many children in there all from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and even some whole families. Some of them all died together and some of them had children die within a few days, months and years of each other at almost exactly the same day the other one died. One husband and wife had child after child die, but the things is that when one died the other one was born a day or so later or was born on the day to within a few days of the other ones death a year later. 
Getting any info on any of the people in the grave yard has been very difficult to say the least. Either you cant find any records or those we tried talking to wouldnt give up anything.


January 2009 rubble from demolished Popash School - Courtesy Jim Pike

Popash School
Courtesy Jim Pike

close-up of Popash School second floor area
Courtesy Jim Pike

Popash general store, later converted to a religeous supply place
Courtesy Jim Pike

Front entrance to former Popash general store
Courtesy Jim Pike

Old barn near former Popash general store
Courtesy Jim Pike

Early photo of Popash school, soon after construction
Courtesy Jim Pike