NAME: Saint Annes Shrine
CLIMATE: Hot Summers, Mild Winter
COMMENTS: Current residents in the area are not the original inhabitant nor are the descendants of the original settlers. There are private properties surrounding the area however the shrine sits on public land, therefore you can approach it and take pictures, walk around, etc.
REMAINS: Shrine, two statues, and an entrance way that led to the church (in front of a private home).
The Saint Anne's Shrine community was developed by Irwin A. Yarnell, the same man who planned Highland Park. It was made up of mostly Catholic French Canadians. Also known as Ste Anne des Lacs. Saint Anne is popular among water faring peoples in Canada, and since the community is built around a lake, she seems an appropriate patron. The shrine was built by Emey Massicotte, and was a popular stop for those on pilgrimages through the years.The shrine consisted of a cluster of about 30 homes, arranged in a perfect circle around its central lake. This neighborhood was considered a mission by the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, which until the early 60ís, covered the entire state...To have so many Catholics congregated in one small area set St. Anneís Shrine apart in this part of Florida. Additionally, because the shrine was located deep within the groves, two miles from the highway, it was as geographically isolated as it was culturally distinctive...Please read more at: Submitted by: Elizabeth Durham

Monument sitting at edge of lake which used to have a statue of Jesus inside.
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

St. Anne's Shrine
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham

Resting place of the founder, Napoleon Pelletier
Courtesy Elizabeth Durham