NAME: Slighville
COMMENTS: At the east end of Griffin View Drive on Lake Griffin.
REMAINS: Nothing other than a cemetery

Slighville or possibly just Sligh was established before the Civil War by Sam and Jake Sligh. The community's life blood was the boat landing on Lake Griffin. The Slighs were the owners of a stage coach line that traveled from Leesburg to Ocala. Slighville also sported a Grist Mill. The Post Office was in existence from 1882 - 1887. Some of the family names of pioneers include Sligh, Walton & Adams. When the railroad came through Lady Lake the steamship business no longer was a major factor and most all the residents moved to Lady Lake. Submitted by: Mike Woodfin

Slighville, Florida update

In July 2006 I searched through the Slighville area seeking out the old graveyard and was unsuccessful.  I returned in December 2006 with a hand-drawn map made a years earlier by an elderly woman (now in a nursing home) who has a relative buried there.  Despite this additional information I still could not find the grave site.  I spoke with a member of the Lady Lake Historical Society who told me that he and his brother had searched the area extensively, with no success.  He informed me that the site would be on or near the top of the hill, as that was where the early communities situated their cemeteries.  He further stated that a cemetery in the Slighville area had been desecrated in the late 60's/early 70's when an orange grove was planted there.  This corresponds to the orange grove in between Gator Lake Road and Marion County Line Road, which were two roads listed on the map as being near the cemetary.  In all likelyhood this is the site of the un-locatable Slighville graveyard.     Jim Pike