NAME: Viking
COUNTY: Saint Lucie
CLIMATE: hot summer, otherwise warm to moderate
COMMENTS: Viking townsite is now Indrio and Indrio Savannahs Natural Area. Former Viking area is along US1 and Old Dixie Hwy in St Lucie County, just south of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution. Viking Cemetery is just west of US1 on Indrio Road.
REMAINS: Viking Cemetery, old lamp posts
Viking was originally settled in 1892 by Major B. Daniels, who started a pineapple plantation. In 1895 Jens and Agathe Helseth arrived, growing pineapples in the area as well. As the settlement grew it became known as Viking, due to the large population of Scandinavians living there. It had a post office and school and was a flag stop on the Florida East Coast Railroad. Other early settlers included Jacob Ericksen and Bob Lennard, who was the first sheriff of Saint Lucie County. In 1905 Jens Helseth donated part of his estate to be the Viking Cemetary. As the area grew and expanded and the population boom continued, the pineapple farms were gradually replaced by streets and houses and stores. The southern part of Viking was absorbed into neighboring Indrio and the north western section became a protected nature preserve. Today the cemetery and a set of lamp posts from the Helseth estate are all that remain of the community. Submitted by: Jim Pike

Viking Cemetery, est 1905
Courtesy Jim Pike

Jens Helseth, Viking settler
Courtesy Jim Pike

Lamp post from Helseth estate
Courtesy Jim Pike

Unknown building and Indrio Savannahs Natural Area
Courtesy Jim Pike

Koblegard plantation and sand trail that would become US1, early 1900's, courtesy of Florida Archives
Courtesy Jim Pike

Helseth family estate at Viking, 1911
Courtesy Jim Pike