NAME: Angus
CLIMATE: Snow in winter-hot nuggy summer lots of lightning bugs
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring,Summer, or Fall
COMMENTS: Currently only about 10 residents remain. The town was located 4 miles northwest of perry on the boone and green county line. Only the cemetary and a few homes remain
REMAINS: A few houses and coal mine tailings. Grain elevator and foundations.

Angus was a coal mining town whosw heyday was in the 1880's. Most remembered in most books for having many saloons most of them located on the county line (literally). If a person got in trouble with the law he would just step to the other side of the saloon to get away from the county sheriff. Angus was located almost at the conjuncture of three counties. It sat on top of the county line for Boone and Greene counties, but the Dallas county line was only a mile or so down the road. Most of the picture of the town have long since been lost--my mother has some of the family home, but few remain of store buildings that I know of. The town declined from a population estimated anywhere from 3000 to up to 5000 due to a coal strike in the late 1880's. I gre up there and there was Simpson's Store until about 1962 when it closed also. I have more information from my mother which I will forward later. Also about 2 miles west was a settlement called Surrey. My Grandfather's farm was near this. Submitted by: Nancy Flynn

: The road by Angus has one of the most dangerous curves in the area-- the posted speed limit is 25 mph, and MUST be observed. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore it, and as a result, there are several traffic fatalities a year there.