NAME: Eagle City
COUNTY: Hardin
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer.
COMMENTS: Currently, there are a few houses at the town site. However, this town is located on a gravel road that is very steep and located next to the Iowa River. Winter definitely would not be a good time to be on the gravel roads. Eagle City also has a spot on the Iowa River called the Eagle City Access where you can put in canoes, go camping, etc. Really, it is a pretty place, but yet one can see why it didn't survive.
REMAINS: A momument, and a few foundations.
If you look at an old Iowa atlas out of the late 1800's, you will see Eagle City on there, and probably that was one of the only times it managed to be on a map. At the town, there is a moument next to the road with a statue of an eagle on it. The momument explains the history of the town and is very good. It isn't hard to see why this town died. The location isn't good, and I don't think it ever had railroad tracks. It has been a ghost town for awhile, but some people still live at the site. Submitted by: Lara Cady