NAME: Otsego
COUNTY: Fayette
CLIMATE: Snowy winters, hot summers.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime but winter (icy roads).
COMMENTS: When going east on Highway 3, turn right onto (gravel) Neon Road. Drive about 2 country blocks and the cemetary will be on the left, and a (occupied) house on the right.
REMAINS: cemetary of same name, one house
Otsego was mainly a stagecoach station. The house that remains used to be the post office. When the railroad came through in the early 20th century, it narrowly missed Otsego and went through nearby towns Stanley, Aurora, and Oelwein instead. Oelwein prospered, becoming a large intersection for the railroad, while Otsego slowly died away. Submitted by: Kersten Ott