NAME: Petersville
COUNTY: Clinton
CLIMATE: Snow in winter and Iowa can get hot in the summer
COMMENTS: This town is located in a remote country area and is on two gravel crossroads. There used to be a feed store there and other buildings. Some people still live around there.
REMAINS: Some buildings still exist.

I grew up in Petersville Iowa in the 60's and 70's. The town was founded around 1881 by a group of mostly Irish Catholic families consisting of O'Meara's, McGinn's, Costello's, Burke's, Spain's and others...most of these families are still there. According to my father Patrick O'Meara the town was originally called Quigley but was changed in 1902 to honor the priest, Father Peter O'Dowd.

The town still consists of the Immaculate Conception Catholic church and cemetery and a mile down the road the former O'Meara's Grocery & Feed and about 3 or 4 houses. The store closed in the 1980's when Justin O'Meara died, his son still owns it but it's not open. When I was young the Petersville store, as it was called, was the community hub serving as grocery store, feed store, bar with pool table and pin-ball and all around general hang out.

I was there last summer and will be there again this summer...Petersville is a wonderful farm community full of truly great people! Courtesy Sara O'Meara

Courtesy CJ Condon
OMeara's Grocery & Feed, 1954
Courtesy Sara O'Meara