NAME: Ruble
COUNTY: Plymouth
CLIMATE: Hot in summer cold in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or fall
COMMENTS: There is little left in Ruble, when I left western Iowa in 1990 there was a population of 1 as the store owner s wife had died the year or two before, there was a school house and small house for the teacher? and the general store/ garage that the remaining resident lived in, I remember it as being on the way to Akron, IA, possibly on highway 3 and used to hear stories of it being a nice little burg, just beyond Ruble there is a larger school house and thru the broken windows you can see the original light fixtures, a friend told me her grandfather went to school there and at one time jumped out a window to get away from the teacher
REMAINS: 2 homes and the store/garage
Not sure when the town was founded and i m not sure there was ever a large cummunity there-other than the buildings mentioned and a few surrounding farm homes there isn t much more than corn and bean fields i m sure farming was the mainstay and i was told the lady at the store served lunch and the farmers came from miles to chat and have a home cooked meal while her husband repaired cars and farm machinery in the garage, when she died the store closed up but the husband remains and may still be there to this day Submitted by: Robin