NAME: Smaysville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm and humid in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Best in the summer.
COMMENTS: There are current residents. The site of the town is located where presently there are two farms. It is located two and a half miles northwest of Colo.
REMAINS: Little to none.
I have heard stories about this town from a local resident. Apparently, in its day, it was not much. By no means was it ever "large" in its short life. Just a store and a few houses. It was a stopping point for many people making their way up north. There was also either a cheese factory or a creamery. I have heard both versions of this, and nobody, I think, is quite sure what it was. From what I have heard, it helped to keep the town going. As like many small towns in the old days, it eventually died because it did not have a railroad running through it. It has been a ghost town for many years. Submitted by: Lara Cady