NAME: Van Cleve
COUNTY: Marshall
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, hot in summer
COMMENTS: Van Cleve isn't completely dead yet, but it has seen better days. Probably about 10 residents remain. To get to Van Cleve, take county road E-63 east out of Melbourne. A few miles down the road and the road will turn north. At this turn, there is the Van Cleve park. If you turn right (south) at this corner, you will be in Van Cleve on its main street. I have tried to locate any possible remains/sights of the old railroad grade. I think it might have been in the center of town where a couple of buildings are set at an angle. I can't be sure about that because the railroad has been gone for a long time.
REMAINS: Some houses, abandoned business buildings, park.
Van Cleve was a stop on a railroad track that ran from Newburg to State Center. The track was abandoned in 1925 from Van Cleve to state center, leaving Van Cleve as the terminus for the railroad. A turnaround point for the railroad was created on the east side of town. This would not last very long-the track from Van Cleve to Newburg was abandoned not too long after that. Losing the railroad was probably a big blow to Van Cleve. Today there are about ten residents and a lot of abandoned buildings. Submitted by: Lara Cady