NAME: White Oak
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cold winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or fall.
COMMENTS: White Oak is easy to reach. To get there, take NE 46th street north out of Elkhart (it's a paved road in good shape-not hard to miss because it is right on the east edge of Elkhart.) Go north for about five miles. Then, the road will turn and will head west for another few before turning north again and heading into Story County. On the section of road that heads west, this is White Oak. There are a few residents, but I think the town appears to have less residents and life than it did when I first visited it. I have never seen White Oak on a map, so yes, it is practically a ghost town.
REMAINS: Some houses.
I know nothing about the history of White Oak and have been unable to find any history on it. It probably has between 5-10 residents. The last time I was there, there was at least one abandoned structure, but the rest of the remaians are inhabited homes. Submitted by: Lara Cady