NAME: Door Villiage
COUNTY: La Porte
CLIMATE: Normal midwestern Climate
COMMENTS: Few current resident in old town. Newer subdivisios just north and south of where the town was located. Remains of old fort barely visable.
REMAINS: Rail Road underpass
First settled by a man named Welsh in 1830, this was an Indian trading post.Legend as told in Packard's History of La Porte County states that Mr. Welsh became dissatisfied with the rate he was making his fortune and decided to water down the alcohol he was selling to the Indians. This action excited indignation from the tribes. At last a party of young braves visited his cabin, and rolling out the barrels, knocked out the heads with thier tomahawks, and spilled the precious fluid upon the groun. This little incident so worked upon the feelings of Welsh and his son, that they removed to Chicago. In the spring of 1832, there were but two cabins in the town. During the Blackhawk scares of 1832, surrounding families gathered at Door Villiage and constructed a sturdy fort to repell the indians should there be any hostilities. The fort consisted of a ditch, earthworks, and a palisade, one hundred and twenty-five feet square. The town was laid out and platted in 1836. By 1876 the villiage boasted several dry goods stores, a blacksmith, a mattress factory, a carriage factory, a foundry, three churches, one fine school building, a butcher, a shoe maker and two tailors. Historical records do menntion a post master, but I di not have the data on what years that service operated. As of now a few houses remain in the old town. The earthen portions of the Fort can still be seen. Submitted by: Sol L. Gorrell