NAME: Quick City
COUNTY: Madison
CLIMATE: Cold winters, warm summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time, although nothing is left.
COMMENTS: This site is located just north of Frankton, on 550 West, on the east side of the road.
REMAINS: Nothing is left of this once highly populated area.
This site, located in northern Madison County, was a city whose residents worked for a glass factory. This factory was owned by a man named Quick, thus the name of the city. These factories came to the area to take advantage of the natural gas boom (they GAVE it away!), and cities erupted. Once the gas ran out, companies left, as did the Quick company, taking with them the workers and the houses in which they lived. This area is now farm land. The owner's daughter has told me of some artifacts that she and her sisters found in the fields as children. Submitted by: Kathy McWilliams