NAME: Davidson
COUNTY: Penobscot
CLIMATE: Cool summer, cold winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer, fall
COMMENTS: Twenty miles south of Patten. No current buildings
N 45° 50.224 W 068° 30.000 
REMAINS: Foundations, Safe, equipment
This community was founded in 1901 and had a log mill (photo above), clothes pin factory, a station house, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, town hall and a church. It even had wooden sidewalks along main street. All that is now left are the foundations from the past. This was a factory town owned by the Gilpatricks and they lived in the largest house in town. This rail town was busy until 1931 when for some reason the town stopped being a town and slowly returned to nature. Information about this town can be found in a book call "Ollie's Davidson" written by Nina Way Lord. 

Submitted by: Eric Hendrickson

Current Map
Courtesy Erik Hendrickson