NAME: Riceville
COUNTY: Penobscot
CLIMATE: Deep woods, black flies
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, too wet in spring and fall.
COMMENTS: No current residents. It has been abandoned for 100 years.
REMAINS: Not to much,some hides, foundations and some open wells.
It is located south of Lincoln. It is now overgrown with very little left of what was once a thriving tannery. Some of the old stoves and a few foundations still can be found. If you look around you might even happen on a few of the old buffalo hides. Some say that after not hearing from anyone in the town for some time, a couple ventured into town. As they got closer they came upon a body in the street. Going further on more bodies were found dead. Some in the streets, some around the buildings. The last person ever to have lived in Riceville died about 8 years ago. The last anyone ever heard of Riceville was in 1908. Another story is that a trader returned to Riceville and everyone was gone. This was very strange as he had just been in town one month earlier and no mention of abandoning the town had been mentioned. One day a bustling community, the next nothing. Submitted by: Mike Marino, Bangor Ghost Hunters