NAME: Arthur Bay
COUNTY: Menominee
CLIMATE: Cold, snowy winters; warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring to early Fall
COMMENTS: Arthur Bay was located south of Cedar River, about where M-338 intersects M-35 (north of Menominee).
REMAINS: Nothing
Arthur Bay underwent numerous name changes: first called Leathem, then Hayward Bay, and eventually Arthur Bay. First settled by fisherman, it became the site of various timber operations in the late 1870s. The mill burned, and the site was sold in 1887, and re-named. In the 1880s, it had a population of over 100, but by 1896, it was already being listed as a ghost town; on the other hand, it had a population of 25 people in 1910, and the post office did not close officially until 1935. Submitted by: Kurt Wenner