NAME: Boston-Demmon.
COUNTY: Houghton
CLIMATE: Pleasantly warm during summer time, though Michigan receives much snowfall during the winter months.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: I suggest visiting during August/September when th
COMMENTS: Home to very few residents these days, Boston lies on lonely Boston Road off Highway 41, only 7 miles north of Houghton. The Boston Road – heavily forested is broken by a crossroads were this tiny semi-ghost rests, it’s many wooden shacks – beaten by the winds.When in the centre of Boston, you will see a sign post which points to Salo. This was once a farming village settled by European miners. What remains of Salo was destroyed by fire, what remains today I do not know.
REMAINS: Though there has been heavy logging in the area, much of Boston has survived. A number of old buildings keep watch over Boston Road, and the loyal residents remaining in town.
Settled around 1893, Boston was on the Mineral Range Railroad, 7 miles north of Houghton. Originally named Boston, the town name was later changed to Demmon in 1909, when the population reached 100. Old maps of the area show Boston, with Demmon ˝ mile north of Boston’s location. Demmon is no longer located on Michigan maps (as of 1972 - 2003), though both towns weren’t registered with their Post Office status in 1970, only Boston has appeared on maps over the last few years.Boston is famed in the U.P. as being home “Big Louie Moilanen”, who was said to have grown to become “the biggest man in the world”. Louie lived at Salo, but as a boy, he worked in the mines at Boston. Louie grew to a massive 8 ft. 4 inches tall, and weighed 450 pounds! His mother was only four ft., and his father – who was of average height, was 5ft. 9! Eventually, Louie’s abnormal height for that day and age was to be the death of him. In 1926 at the age of 26 years, Louie passed away. He was buried in a specially built casket, and laid to rest at the Wasa Cemetery near Hancock. One of Louie’s suits is on display at the museum in nearby Calumet. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill

I believe this to be the old General Store/Diner at Boston
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Ramshackle buildings at Boston. Bring your Basketball...
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Cool sign at Boston
Courtesy Ryan Hill

"Big Louie" worked in Boston's mines
Courtesy Ryan Hill