NAME: Freda
COUNTY: Houghton
CLIMATE: Cold, snowy winters; warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring to Early Fall
COMMENTS: Freda is currently being re-inhabited, and even has a small cafe! It is located about 17 miles west of Hancock, along an unnumbered paved road, which also passes through Redridge, q.v.
REMAINS: The most important remant is the very large stamp mill, located on the shores of Lake Superior; walk down a steep path from the parking lot of the cafe in order to see how extensive the ruins really are.
Freda was founded in the early years of the 20th century as the site of a major stamp mill for the ores of the Champion Mine; it was on the tracks of the Copper Range Railroad (as was Redridge, q.v.). By WWI, it had a population of over 500, but the mill, like that in Redridge, became superfluous after WWII. The tracks were removed in 1971, and Freda became a ghost town. Submitted by: Kurt Wenner
Courtesy Kurt Wenner