NAME: Prentiss
COUNTY: Mackinac
CLIMATE: Cold winters, Warm summers
COMMENTS: Drive 6 miles east of Cedarville on M-134 to entrance of Cedar Campus-Old Mill Point. Follow Cedar Campus Road south for 1 mile to site. Note that both Cedar Campus Road and the site are privately owned. Permission to visit needs to be obtained from Cedar Campus. Visit for contact info.
REMAINS: Building foundations, Small bell tower
In the late 1800s, a sawmill was built and Prentiss grew up around it. At its peak, the town had nearly 500 residents. The sawmill produced millions of board feet of white pine and the deep channel of Outer Prentiss Bay allowed steamers to export this lumber to Chicago and other Midwest cities. In the early 1900's, the white pine was exhausted and the town was soon after abandoned. The site today is part of Cedar Campus, a camp/retreat center. Several of the current buildings sit on the old foundations of the original town buildings. Willoughby Lodge sits on the foundation of the former sawmill. The remains of a small bell tower sits nearby. Submitted by: Brian Tjernlund

Willoughby Lodge from across Prentiss Bay.  Photo from Cedar Campus

Willoughby Lodge (site of former sawmill)  Photo from Cedar Campus
Courtesy Brian Tjernlund