NAME: Spoonville
COUNTY: Ottawa
CLIMATE: Snow in winter mild climate
COMMENTS: Most of the site is privaet and the land of the spoonville gun club
REMAINS: none visible
Spoonville is a neat little village on the north bank of the Grand River, to the west of the mouth of Crockery Creek, and two and a half miles south of Nunica. The railway from Norton to Holland formerly crossed by a fine bridge at Spoonville, which was a flag station, but owing to the amalgamation with other lines this line was found to be superflous and the track was taken up in the beginning of 1882. The principal feature of the place is the saw mill of Mr. John Spoon built in 1856, at which time there was but one log house in the village. The mill has a large circular, a gang edger, and a lath and picket machine, cuts 40,000 a day and has all modern improvements, cut in 1881, 7,500,000 feet. The engine is 75 horse power. Daniel Spoon, foreman. Mr. Spoon's barn is the largest in the county, being 100 feet by 40 feet, with 24 foot posts, and 60 feet to the top of the cupola, and costing $2,000. On Mr. Spoon's farm were found some remarkable mounds containing a large number of skeletons, stone and copper implements, and elaborately ornamented earthen vases. JOHN SPOON, lumberman and farmer, Spoonville, is a gentleman of energy and tact, to whom the township is deeply indebted for its present prosperity. He was born in Seneca Co., N.Y., in 1820, resided there until 1856, working until of age on his father's farm, and afterwards as a carpenter. In 1850 he married in Janesville, Wis., Miss Annie M. Bennett, and came to Spoonville in 1856. At that time it had but one log house, but there was an abundance of pine, and he immediately proceeded to erect a mill, and three years after his elegant residence, which externally and internally would do no discredit to a city mansion. Mr. Spoon farms in the vicinity of 840 acres, has also land in Muskegon and Illinois, and is one of the solid and successful men, who well deserves prosperity. He has been almost perpetual treasurer of his township, but declines all other honors. Is Republican in politics, has three children living, and has lost two. DANIEL SPOON, foreman of J. Spoon's mill, and manager of farm, was born in Seneca County, N.Y., in 1824, and stayed on his father's farm until thirty years of age, and came to Spoonville a few weeks before his brother John in 1856, the mill being built by Spoon & Becker. He married April 14, 1859, Miss Helen Lautenschlager, and has four sons and two daughters. Submitted by: Gary Dreyer