NAME: Summitville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, but you can visit all year
COMMENTS: Summitville is about two to three miles west of Chase on US-10 where it intersects with State road. It was the home of a train depot on the Pere Marquette railroad during the 1800's. My great-great-great grandfather, Samuel G. Randall, ran the train depot.
REMAINS: There is indeed a summit, snowmobile trails, the railroad bed, and a dirt road. No sign of buildings.
An old ledger in my possession, with entries starting in 1839, tells the history of Summitville. The Randall family were artists, poets, composers, farmers, and tradesmen. The area, along with the surrounding towns of Chase, Nirvana, Idlewild and Marlborough, and the Pere Marquette Railroad, suffered with the demise of the logging era. Dates circa 1850-1880. Submitted by: Doug Sharp