NAME: Wilson
COUNTY: Menominee
CLIMATE: Cold, snowy winters; warm summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring to early Fall
COMMENTS: Located on US2/41, 18 miles west of Escanaba. Wilson still has a few residents.
REMAINS: The old school house, and numerous abandoned store-fronts.
Wilson was established as a stop on the C&NW RR in 1881, and soon grew to a sizeable town; by WWI, it had about 500 people with a hotel and numerous business establishments, most of them associated with agriculture. Decline appears to have set in the 1950s, and most of the population left and abandoned the businesses and houses. Submitted by: Kurt Wenner

This is the Wilson Tavern built in 1902 by the Menominee Brewing Company.  When we went there, it was closed.
Courtesy Joel Bardell

This is the tavern again showing the house next door.
Courtesy Joel Bardell

I believe this is the Enfield Mansion, built by August Enfield--owner of one of Wilson's general stores back in the 1900's.
Courtesy Joel Bardell

Another old house that can be seen in Wilson.
Courtesy Joel Bardell