NAME: Browntown
COUNTY: Davidson
CLIMATE: possible snowy in winter and hot in summer with rains in between
BEST TIME TO VISIT: must have permission to visit now, privately owned
COMMENTS: Ester Brown was the last resident of Browntown. She was a midwife and was present until 1895. The town was located at the crossroads of the Old Plank and Salisbury-Deep River Roads
REMAINS: The old burial ground is still there along with the remains of the old hat store
The town was founded in 1791, it was incorporated by the legislature of 1842-1843. At one time 800 residents lived in or around the town's city limits. The town was equipped with six doctors during it's life. Browntown was a thriving community until the railroad passed them by converting it to a ghost town, gone but not forgotten. Some surnames in Browntown..Stack,Brown, Orrell,Shields, Payne, Dow, Bodenhamer, Motsinger, Weavil, Evans, Pickard, Folger and Hichcock plus many more.Submitted by: Carol