NAME: Waynesborough
CLIMATE: snow in winter, moderate to hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: mid-summer can be very hot
COMMENTS: No current residents. The last remaining buildings (warehouses) were burned down by Sherman when he marched through the area.
REMAINS: Marked By Beautiful Historic Park. Town Name Also Lives On In The "Waynesborough House Apartments" In Goldsboro
I read about this one in Our State Magazine (01/08). When General William T. Sherman and his troops marched into Wayne County in early 1865, they burned Waynesborough but spared nearby Goldsboro. Waynesborough had been the seat of Wayne County since the county's founding in 1779. Later on, a newly rebuild railroad, the Wilmington and Weldon RailRoad was built in the 1830's. This bypassed Waynesborough altogether. Waynesborough's nearby neighbor, Goldsborough (later shortened to Goldsboro) thrived while Waynesborough simply hung on. When Sherman came through, he spared Goldsboro but burned down what was left of Waynesborough. Submitted by: Marc Boulware