NAME: Melco
COUNTY: Ashland
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, medium to mild summer
COMMENTS: Off Rt. 39 in southern Ashland County (Amish country).Few if any current residences.
REMAINS: 2-3 homes.

Opened 1920's, closed about 1950. Had several homes constructed by Federal government, possibly during Great Depression or during government control of railroads. Site of horrible train wreck on Pennsylvania RR main line in mid-1940s that killed many soldiers on way home from war. Steam engines took water there- famous for having a trough for Pennsy's "take it on the fly" method.Of course, town went the way of the steam engine. Submitted by: Steve Darling

UPDATE: Actually the train wreak was outside of Melco by about a mile and is attributed to the town of Coulter. My husband and I did some research years ago on Melco at the Richland Co. Library, but were unable to find a town that was actually named Melco; though it is listed as a town on the map. People who were in the area believe Melco to be the name a switch on the railroad track there, but no one has heard of the town, but they do know about Coulter, which is completely abandoned now. My husband and I walked down the track to see where Melco would have stood, there is no road to it, and couldn't find a trace of anything, but had a creepy feeling that we were being watched and high tailed it out of there. It's been about 10 years since I've been in that area, but do remember how to get there well. Hope this helps, Jennifer Dallman

Courtesy War Day

Courtesy War Day