NAME: Providence
CLIMATE: same as Toledo Ohio
BEST TIME TO VISIT: summer, more to see.
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost town. Only place in the U.S. where the old gristmill, canal lock and one old horse drawn river barge are still in operation, in the same town. Update: Providence, Oh. was on the old Miami-Erie Canal route. The canal ran south thru a town called 'Lockington' and on to 'Piqua' where it linked with the Miami river and on to the Ohio R. at Cin. Earl Koon
REMAINS: several old buildings
Everyone calls this place Grand Rapids, but Grand Rapids is on the other side of the Maumee River. Providence is/was on the north side until a fire destroyed most of the town. US 24 runs along the north shore of the river between Toledo OH. and Fort Wayne IN. The bridge over the river, the old lock, the grist mill and an old railway trestle over US 24 all seem to share the same small piece of land. The old towpath runs 12 miles east to the town of Waterville, OH., it's a park, great for bicycles. Across the river, Grand Rapids is a living breathing ghost town with it's own little canal and most of it's old buildings still intact. Lots of historic sites that with a little detective work will lead to many other "points of interest". The old riverboats used to travel from here to Cincinnati in 6 days, I still haven't found this route. Submitted by: John vanBaal