NAME: Rockport Monroe Township
CLIMATE: snow in winter, hot sometimes in summer , nice in spring and fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: dpring and summer, fall
COMMENTS: A maybe 10 or so houses, looks like it is mostly low income, but one or two houses are kept up. Nothing to see or do, but visit the cemetery and check dates !!!!!
REMAINS: some houses and RockportMethodist church and graveyards acrossand behind the church
Name: Samuel ROCKHILLSex: MBirth: 2 MAY 1793 in Mansfield Twp. Burlington Co., JNDeath: 1865 in Monroe Twp. Allen Co., OhioBurial: Rockport Methodist Cemetery Allen Co., OhioNote: Notes * Samuel Rockhill was born in the state of New Jersey 2 May, 1793 He came to Ohio in 1835 to Allen County then part of then of Putnam County. At that time the village of Lima only contained eight or ten houses and one little store. The county was a wilderness with many big trees .The wolf and the wildcat had free range.After Samuel had cleared his farm he laid out the village of Rockport in 1836 Ohio.His energy ,intelligence and uprightness of character won him many friends It soon marked him as a man worthy of public trust. Mr. Rockhill was a leading man in many enterprises for the improvements of the county- such as building the county infirmary and securing a railroad thorough the county.He served on the Board of County Commissioners of Allen County for five years from 1848 and again in 1851. He was a Justice of the Peace and held other offices. He was a sincere Christian and for many years in pioneer times his house was used for public worship He donated the land for the building of the Rockport Methodist Church and cemetery and assisted in building the church., Mr Rockhill had great faith in the Union soldiers in the War of the Rebellion ( 1860-1865) He lost a son and grandson in the war. Near the close of the war while nursing a sick son in the hospital ,he lost his own life to an illness. Submitted by: Norita Shepherd Moss