NAME: Sabina
COUNTY: Clinton
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, medium to mild summer
COMMENTS: 45 miles from Columbus.
REMAINS: Unknown..

The story of Sabina is the story of Eugene. When Eugene walked into Sabina on the afternoon of June 5, 1929, he appeared to be sick. But he left town so quickly hardly anyone noticed. His body was found later near the highway and that changed Sabina's reputation forever. The town, about 45 miles south of Columbus, became the home of one of America's most bizarre tourist attractions—a body. He was a black man, between fifty and sixty years old, and died of natural causes. No identification was found and no one claimed the body. All that was found was a piece of paper with a Cincinnati address. It turned out to be a vacant lot. A man named Eugene lived near the lot, so officials began to call the body Eugene. Eugene was taken to the local funeral home where he was embalmed. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Soon officials gave up trying to find relatives and friends. The funeral home began displaying the body on a sofa in a small building in the rear of the funeral home hoping someone might come by and identify the body. That never happened after thirty-five years and after an estimated one and a half million people came to the little town of Sabrina to see Eugene. By 1964, everyone knew it was time to bury Eugene. And that is the story of Sabina. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.