NAME: Millican
COUNTY: Deschutes
CLIMATE: Hot summers, cold winters
COMMENTS: Town is located about 20 miles east of Bend, and was one of about 4 small way points along the lonely stretch of Highway 20 between Burns and Bend.
REMAINS: Store, a few outbuildings
The town was established by George Millican in 1868, and had a peak population of about 60 people in the early 1900s. A post office was established in 1913, but the town quickly dwindled after the first world war. For most of the last 70 years, the population has fluctuated between one and zero, with one sole resident running the store, gas station, and post office during the periods of occupation. After William Mellin, the last sole resident, was murdured (by his own employee!) in 1988, the town sat empty for the next 12 years until the Resnick family purchaced the land in 2000. They leased it to the Murray family, a family of seven, and re-opened the store in 2002. Unfortunately, it was not a profitable buisness, and the Murray family moved out in 2005, leaving Millican deserted once again. As of 2009 the town is for sale, but with few buyers in sight, and being in a tough place to run a buisness, it is likely to remain empty for the forseeable future. The town is still private property, but the buildings show some abuse by drive-by vandals. Submitted by: Matt Ciranni
Courtesy Bill