NAME: Pokerville
CLIMATE: Snow in winter and hot and humid in the summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: I like this area in the fall.
COMMENTS: The remains of Pokerville was made into a campground back in the 40's.
REMAINS: There are at least 3 structures left standing and an abandoned lead mine.
This settlement was near what is now Blue Mounds, WI (2 miles to the east). The actual location of the approximate center of Pokerville was is where the current intersection of East Brigham Road and County Highway ID is located. After a brutal indian attack on Pokerville in 1832, the residents which were left alive decided to move a few structures to a more secure geographical location. The foot of the Blue Mounds seemed a likely spot. The town Pokerville got it's name from the rowdy crowd that used to gather after dusk to play cards, drink and fight. It was a bustling little community of 500 people as it was on the most traveled road of the day... The Lead Mine Trail which ran from New Diggings all the way to Milwaukee. Submitted by: Shane Gibbs