NAME: Old Upton
COUNTY: Weston
CLIMATE: Average Black Hills climate, warm summers, chilly winters.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring to Summer.
COMMENTS: The self proclaimed "Best town in the world" makes a pleasant little stop-off on a roadtrip. The Towns Folk are very proud of their favorite tourist magnet, the Upton Highschool's project named "Old Town". Old Town is located atleast one mile North of Upton on County road 16 from Newcastle too Moorecroft.
REMAINS: Many shacks including Upton's first jail, aswell as homes and Ranch buildings gatherd from Weston County.
The Old Town project began in 1995 to relocate cabins and other structures essential to the late 1800's and early 1900's life in Wyoming. These cabins and structures have been moved to the original site of Upton, then known as Iron Town, and restored to preserve an important era of local heritage.The story goes that the Irish woman who named our town gave birth here one night and population doubled.Every summer, on the third Saturday in July, the population still doubles as past residents and alumni from all over come back for a celebration with old friends and relatives.With thanks to Upton's homepage, it can be found easily on any search engine. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill

A view of Old Upton from the road side.
Courtesy Ryan Hill

Upton's Jail and Fire Hall.
Courtesy Ryan Hill